Whatever You’re Looking For, Tennessee Likely Has It!

Whatever you’re looking for in a place either to live or visit, Tennessee likely has it! This state looks long and flat on a map, but if you look closer, it’s got quite a variety of things to do and places to see. To the west lies the banks of the mighty Mississippi and the city of Memphis. In the center, find one of the cultural capitals of American music in Nashville. To the east, enjoy the energy of Knoxville or visit Chattanooga and the Appalachian Mountains.

Lovers of sports are sure to find plenty of fields and courts of action to be a fan or spectator of across this state. Orange flags of the throngs of University of Tennessee fans are seen around Knoxville on game day, and Vanderbilt University provides collegiate action in many sports in the Nashville area. Fans of the NBA can enjoy Memphis Grizzlies doing their ‘grit and grind,’ while NFL fans can get tickets to Tennessee Titan home games. Professional hockey, soccer, and lacrosse are also popular events in select major cities, and minor league sports teams dot the long landscape.

This long landscape is anything but uniform though. In the west, paddleboat steamers and freighters churn up and down the Mississippi, where the banks provide recreational opportunities. Much of the state is dominated by forests, where there is an abundance of hunting and fishing in the many streams, ponds, creeks, and rivers. Boating is possible on the many lakes, and hiking trails cover much of the state. Many of them are in the foothills of the mountains, if not the actual mountains themselves. Clingman’s Dome and Mt. LeConte offer great views on some of the tallest peaks east of the Mississippi.

The cities offer great places to see and do things too. Visit Memphis to see Graceland and its celebration of the life and art of Elvis Presley. Nashville never has a shortage of culture and live music. Chattanooga embraces its place near the mountains, and Knoxville has a former World Fair site. Gatlinburg is a world-famous vacation destination that can take up your whole trip if you life. From Ripley’s Aquarium to the fun and rides of Dollywood, this place has earned its reputation as a destination for rest.

Whether you’re looking for a trip to get away from it all or a new place to work, live, and love, Tennessee has what you need.